Automatic door opener

Automatic door opener

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Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about opening or closing your stables in the morning... more

Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about opening or closing your stables in the morning or in the evening.

The electronic porter does it for you.

It opens and closes optional vertical chicken sliders (see art. No. 41751) This door opener is controlled by a twilight sensor and opens and closes at dusk.

The sensitivity of the integrated twilight switch is adjustable. If an animal is under the slider during the closing process, the motor stops automatically when it is put on.

The door opener can be mounted on the outside and is made of weather-resistant material. It does not open during thunderstorms (lightning).

If you want to fix the door opener in the stable, you also need an outside light sensor (see Art. No. 41753).

Including batteries (battery voltage 6V) and twilight sensor.

Very simple installation:

You open the slide, fasten it to the door opener, plug in the power supply cable - done. Insensitive and proven.


Technical specifications:

Dimensions (L / W / H): 125 x 125 x 75 mm

Operating voltage 6 - 12 volts, DC voltage

Load capacity: suitable for gate weights from 200 g to 3 kg (with pulley to pulley up to 6 kg)

Stroke: maximum 60 cm

Stroke speed: at 30cm stroke with power supply about 40 seconds for opening and closing the slide

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